2014 Art Competition Venues Announced

Venues for the 2014 Art Competition have been announced on the Venue Gallery page. Currently, there are 64 venues signed up to exhibit artwork competing for $100,000 in prize money, including five new businesses and 31 new venues for 2014. In addition to the new businesses and venues, there will also be 13 new outdoor exhibition spaces to showcase installation pieces. Another update for 2014–all venues will be open on Sunday!

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 2.27.46 PM

New businesses for 2014:

  • Olio Studio (104 West Main St.)- ceramic studio and gallery
  • So-Lace Salon, Spa Boutique (127 West Main St.)
  • Emerson Row (130 South Acline St.)- furniture and design studio
  • Palmetto Gift Shop (151 East Main St.)- pop-up gift shop
  • The Lily Pad Florist (102 East Main St.)- new business located in Fairview Framers

New outdoor venues for 2014:

  • Thomlinson and McWhite (210 East Main St.)
  • Ronald E. McNair Life History Center- interior and exterior (235 East Main St.)
  • Florence County Park (153 East Main St.)
  • The Pole Barn (107 Irvin St.)
  • The Caboose Cafe (104 East Thomas St.)
  • Ray’s Auto Wash (120 North Church St.)
  • The Lake City Chamber of Commerce (144 South Acline St.)
  • Corner of East Main and N. Church (152 East Main St.)
  • Jones Alley (128 East Main St.)
  • Green Space at the AF Community Mural (123 South Acline St.)
  • The Lawn at 104 East Thomas (104 East Thomas St.)
  • Corner of E. Thomas and S. Church (201 East Thomas St.)
  • Theatre Park (110 West Main St.)