Florence Morning News Details Artfest Growth

The Florence Morning News published an article today, ArtFields Continues to Grow, about the release of more event details.

Program Developer Sharon Askins describes the artfest:

It’s a different kind of experience. We’ll have farmers and artists from the local area and South Carolina. It will be held for the first time ever in the Atlantic Coastline building, the very iconic building behind the Bean Market on Irvin Street. When you walk in, it will be a different experience and just has the feel for farmers and artisans to share their talents.

The Bean Market

The Bean Market

Jonathan Brilliant, an installation artist creating a piece and taking part in an Artist Talk, told the publication about his plans for ArtFields.

The piece will be a response to the space and time given. Once I have images of a space, that’s when I usually do some rough drawings just to figure out what goes in the space. But in the end everything is decided and finalized once I am in place working on the piece.