How to Avoid Disqualification

ArtFields community mural created during ArtFields 2013 by Jessica Diaz, Morgan Funkhouser, Olivia Cramer, and Sam Ogden in partnership with the Lake City community.


Each year among our many submissions, we often find submissions that haven’t adhered to the Artists’ Rules as listed. We want each artist’s submission to move forward to judging and are offering the commonly seen disqualifications below. Please read the full rules here on our Prizes and Rules page. 


  • Portfolios. ArtFields’ acceptance is based on one single artwork. This piece may have multiple components, but must be one cohesive work as a whole. Supporting photographs/videos must only feature the individual artwork being submitted. 


  • Size exceeds the limit. Because of the logistics of space in terms of installation and display, we do have some size restrictions. The maximum running feet for 2D work is 12 feet. 3D work cannot exceed 15 feet in any direction. If your piece exceeds this size, please email us at [email protected] before submitting so that we can determine the feasibility of your artwork in ArtFields. 


  • Geographical requirements. Our competition is only open to artists over 18 years of age living in one of the 12 eligible Southeastern states. Artists must reside in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, or West Virginia. 


  • Any other violation of the rules. You can find the complete rules by clicking here.