Should you Submit to ArtFields 2022?


“Church Mothers” by Zaire McPhearson on display at the Ronald E. McNair Center during ArtFields 2021. 

Not every art competition is right for every artist, but with the celebration and support surrounding ArtFields, we hope it’s a good fit for you! Submit by clicking here


You should submit if…

-Accessibility to art is important to you. ArtFields was specifically designed to have art displayed in non-traditional venues. We’ve found that it’s eliminated the barrier that a formal gallery can sometimes have and has allowed artwork to be more widely appreciated, especially in this underserved area. 


-You want a shot at $50,000. Money isn’t everything, but with our prizes, you could leave with a life-changing payout. Grand Prize is $50,000, Second Place is $25,000, and two People’s Choice Awards are $12,500 each. We also award five, $2,000 Merit Awards and have partnerships with arts organizations to further help artist’s succeed. 


-You have a story to tell. Part of ArtFields’ mission is to create a platform for Southeastern artists to share their stories and experiences. The way we display work encourages visitors to really take their time with each piece and fully soak it in. 


-You don’t like that art competitions pass judgment on artwork. It’s incredibly brave to put yourself out there. And to submit makes you vulnerable to rejection. But, your artwork should be shared and celebrated and this event allows for that in a very special way. We hear each year, “Who are your judges/panelists to decide if my artwork is good enough?” and the reality is that while our judges do rate works and select some winners, we also have the People’s Choice aspect that allows visitors to vote for pieces that really resonate with them. We also hear each year about how artists felt the love and appreciation of their work even if they didn’t win. In terms of being accepted, we truly do wish that we could accept more submissions and are by no means passing a good/bad judgement on artworks that aren’t accepted. 


-Other competitions have felt too cutthroat. While being accepted is certainly an honor in and of itself, when your work comes to Lake City, there is nothing but love and support surrounding each artist. ArtFields fosters a sense of community and collaboration. Artists connecting with other artists and artists talking about their work are two important parts of the event. Our finale night is always electric because no matter who the winning artists are, they are received with great love and admiration from artists, visitors, and the town as a whole. 


-You feel that your artwork doesn’t fit the box of “traditional” artwork. The beauty of ArtFields is that we welcome artworks in all media, shapes, and sizes. Our selection panelists are instructed to rate the artwork based on excellence in that medium, rather than in comparison to any other submission. Any given year of ArtFields, you’ll find woodworking, textile, quilling, and more, along with traditional fine art mediums. 


You should not submit to ArtFields if…

-You do not want your artwork to be displayed outside of a gallery. While some artwork is installed in our galleries, most pieces are displayed in local businesses and non-profit organizations. This is an important aspect of the ArtFields event design, so if you are unwilling to have your artwork displayed in a nontraditional venue, this may not be the competition for you. 


-You do not meet the requirements set out in our rules. Artists who do not adhere to our rules are subject to disqualification at any time, so please read over the ArtFields 2022 Artists’ Rules before submitting. Read the rules here


ArtFields has proven each year to be an impactful celebration of art and community, so we hope you’ll submit to be part of our historic tenth year. If you have any questions about the competition or event in general, please call 843-374-0180 or email [email protected].