Submission FAQ’s ArtFields 2021

Dustin Emory’s piece “We Can Love Over Here Too” is admired by a visitor during ArtFields 2019.

What if I have two residences?

  • Artists who have had a listed permanent address for at least six months for one of the 12 participating states (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia) and have a valid ID for that state are welcome to apply.

If I have a framed work, does the frame size count when listing the artwork size?

  • Yes! The frame size will need to be taken into account should we select your piece so that we can determine a size-appropriate hanging space. When you are submitting your artwork, we’ll ask for dimensions for your piece for both framed and unframed.

What if I started my artwork before the cut-off year?

  • As long as you finished your piece during or after 2018, it is eligible to submit for the 2021 competition.

Can I submit a piece of artwork I submitted before if it wasn’t accepted?

  • If your work was completed in or after 2018, you may resubmit it.

May I submit my artwork to additional competitions?

  • You may submit to multiple competitions! We encourage artists to submit to anything that can help further their career and elevate the profile of Southeastern artists. However, if accepted into ArtFields 2021, your work must be available from March 26th to May 1st for exhibition in Lake City, SC. If your artwork is selected as one of the top 4 winners and becomes property of ArtFields, you would have to withdraw from any further competitions with that specific artwork.

What if my email address changes?

  • It’s important to use an email you check regularly for your ArtBooth account. If for whatever reason you do need to update the email address that you use to access ArtBooth and receive competition updates, please reach out to [email protected].

Why does it cost $25 to submit?

  • This submission cost helps to cover the expenses required to make ArtFields happen.

Can I submit more than one piece?

  • We allow each artist to submit exactly one piece of work. This work may have multiple components, but should be a cohesive piece overall. Artists who submit portfolios will be disqualified.

Can I sell my accepted artwork at the event?

  • Yes, as long as it is the piece that was accepted and exhibited in the event. Your sale price will be listed and interested buyers can log their information at the venue throughout the week. No other items from the artist are allowed for sale during ArtFields.

If I sold the piece I submitted, can I replace it with a new artwork?

  • Each artwork is rated individually and accepted into the competition based on that work’s merits alone. If you are unable to exhibit the original work that was sucbmitted and accepted, you will have to drop out of the exhibition and competition.

What constitutes the need to supply a source image?

  • We ask that all artists whose work is in part or wholly based on another image to include the source. While basing artwork on existing imagery is certainly allowed, supplying the source image allows our panel of arts professionals to ensure the authenticity of each piece.

Why does the ownership transfer for the Grand Prize, Second Place, People’s Choice 2D, and People’s Choice 3D purchase prize awards?

  • One of the many ways that ArtFields honors its commitment to celebrating Southeastern artists is through its ongoing collection showcasing ArtFields competition winners’ artwork. This body of work grows annually and has reached critical mass, meaning ArtFields achieved a goal set at its inception: the opening of a permanent gallery space in downtown Lake City. Crossroads Gallery displays the artwork of selected competition winners year-round. The artists who have placed in ArtFields top categories over time have allowed the Lake City ArtFields Collective to amass an incredible collection of Southern art—which reaches new audiences locally and across the country.

I’m having trouble on the ArtBooth platform. What should I do?

  • Check out our Tips and Tricks article to read more about what you’ll need before submitting. You’ll also find some of the common areas we troubleshoot. Please give us a call at 843-384-0180 or email [email protected] if you need additional help.

What specifications should the photos/videos of my artwork meet?

  • Photo files (up to 5) must be below 5MB each in a .JPG or .PNG format. Videos must be uploaded to Vimeo or Youtube and then linked.

I have a question not already addressed here. How should I go about asking it?

  • For additional artist inquires, contact the art team at (843) 374-0180 or [email protected].