Tips on Photographing your Artwork


Our selection panel views all the artwork digitally during the rating process, so it’s very important to present your work with the strongest photos/videos so that the panelists get a good grasp of your art. Our friends over at Second Floor Media offered some tips on how to photograph your art. 


  1. Find the best light. You don’t have to have expensive lights to achieve good lighting. Try using a space with lots of natural light during the morning or early evening when the light is softest. Not only will this help the photo look better overall, it will ensure that colors are most accurate without light bulbs’ impact. 


  1. Eliminate distractions. Having other artwork in the photo can be distracting and even confusing to judges as they determine what piece is for the rating. Similarly, having your work on a busy patterned wall or surrounded by items in your studio can detract from your piece. If you can’t take the photo without having other items/patterns in the background, try to crop the photo directly around your artwork. 


  1. Use a circular polarizer to reduce glare. If your piece is framed and has glass across the front, you don’t want to have a reflection of your face or the reflection of an artwork across the room take the stage.


  1. Take photos from all angles. No matter if your artwork is 2D or 3D, having photos from every angle is important. Showing detail shots of specific parts of the artwork can also be helpful. Artists are allowed up to 5 images on ArtBooth, don’t hesitate to use all five!


  1. Photograph the work as it is intended to be displayed. It can be tempting to snap a quick photo of your work leaned up against a wall, or perhaps a flat lay shot straight down, but for the best effect, the selection panel should see the piece as its intended to be installed for ArtFields. 


  1. Make light edits, if necessary. These edits should NOT alter the artwork, but it may be helpful to crop, adjust the white balance, etc in order to most accurately capture your artwork. 


Please note that utilizing these tips is no guarantee of acceptance into ArtFields 2022. If you have any questions, please call us at 843-374-0810 or email [email protected].