Tips & Tricks to Broaden Your Exposure

Over the years, we’ve amassed an amazing group of judges and jurors who have worked with us. We picked their brains for tips on how artists, especially those with nontraditional works or backgrounds, can break out and get noticed.

  • Social media is your main office, be sure to treat it as such. Professionalism should be the standard, as you’re actively leveraging your social media for potential work.


  • Be sure that your C.V., resume, artist statement and contact information is consistent across all your social media platforms, with your most recent body of work and relevant links.


  • Maintain a current and updated website, along with social media.


  • Utilize social media as an interactive studio and archive of your work. Consistently post updates and engage with your audience.


  • Use your web presence as advertising. The more that you post, the more that you increase your opportunities to be identified.


  • Maintain your prices consistently; it is unethical to adjust your fees/commission to possibly get more income from bigger institutions.


  • Be sure to research museums, galleries, and online art pages to confirm their submission policies. While some do not take unsolicited work, some are open.


  • Gallery/artist relationships are built over time. Find ways to support the institutions that you are most interested in.  Those institutions are more likely to support those who show them the same.


  • Look to the art and artists that work with particular institutions. Often you will find inspiration and make connections.  When galleries look for new talent, they will often research the artists that “their” artists follow, as well.


  • Practice speaking and writing about your work. The image is key, but galleries are always interested in the stories behind artists and their work.