Virtual Tour of “The Depth of Wire”

 This retrospective celebrates 28 years of art making by Noah James Saunders. He began his career as a 5th grader while working on a pipe cleaner creation, and has gone on to exhibit work across the country and internationally, winning numerous awards.


The show is on display in TRAX Visual Art Center in Lake City, SC, but in the midst of the COVID-19 developments, we’ve brought it to you online instead! Click the link below and navigate through the galleries. Clicking the orange camera icons will pull up detailed shots of each work.


“How to explain the longevity of my artistic project? It’s simple, the reward keeps increasing with every sculpture. Wire, the most innocuous item found in the back of every junk drawer, is a medium with potential that has only barely been tapped. Somehow by humanizing a medium that is so easily discarded, as in prayer, I feel a closer connection to my fellows. When working in wire I leave the studio with a deep sense of our collective humanity and a profound feeling of optimism.”