Lake City

How did we grow from an agricultural community to one of the state’s centers of culture?

Standing at one of South Carolina’s most important crossroads, Lake City has always been a center of growth and industry, from its years as a powerhouse of agriculture, growing beans and strawberries and tobacco, to its current role as a buzzing arts and horticulture community in the heart of the Pee Dee. For almost 300 years, we’ve grown together into a close-knit and welcoming community, one who has had as much potential as it’s had growth.

Now, we take that same energy and bend it towards a new goal: creating a community that values arts and culture, agriculture, and horticulture in equal measures. We’ll never cease planting, and we’ll never stop growing, but now we know that our art isn’t just in the fields and forests, but in our businesses that sell the products we work to produce, our gathering spaces where we celebrate, and our schools that nurture the people who will go on to greatness. It’s the same spirit of fostering new growth that made us farmers and horticulturalists that drove us to create the South’s largest arts competition and offer life-changing amounts of money to talented artists from across the Southeast.

Come join us for ArtFields and see how we’re bringing the spirit of Lake City to everything we do—and become part of a movement that’s changing what “South Carolina” means. We make art everyday in Lake City; when you join us, you can too.

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