Get Ready to Vote

Simply complete the form below, and be sure to include your mobile number so you can vote via text. To activate your votes, check in at the Welcome Center at 133-A East Main Street during the festival.

Your Vote Counts!

Login to your account to vote for the People's Choice Awards. When casting your votes, remember you may vote for as many pieces of artwork as you like, but you're only allowed one vote per artwork.


Be A Part of the Art

ArtFields represents an exciting and proud moment in the Lake City community as we become the focus for a truly unique and inspiring artfest. Volunteers will be the engine that drives this 9-day celebration of art, music and much more. ArtFields is seeking enthusiastic people to join our volunteer team in order to help make ArtFields a success!

We are looking for volunteers to greet guests in our reception center and temporary galleries, host and assist our visiting artists, help stage the artwork for exhibition, and assist with our events and celebrations.

Apply to Volunteer

Volunteer applications are now available by clicking on the volunteer application link below. If you are interested in having a front row seat for this exciting event and working to support our success, please consider becoming a volunteer. The biggest skill our volunteers will need is a friendly smile.


Volunteer Portal

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