Crossroads Gallery Now Open!

Crossroads Gallery is the third permanent gallery space in Lake City, SC and will offer year round exhibition of the ArtFields collection. This collection is comprised of winning artwork from previous years of ArtFields, an annual art competition that started in 2013. Each year, artwork is added and a selection of the winners will rotate on an annual basis to include a variety of pieces.  The gallery is a destination point where the makers and admirers of Southern art can convene.

Visit Crossroads Gallery for free Tuesday-Saturdays from 11AM-5PM to experience the magic of ArtFields throughout the year. The gallery got its name because there’s a time in seemingly every artist’s life when they are bound to come to a crossroads, the intersection where a decision must be made between continuing to pursue their passion or simply moving on to something else. This is why Lake City’s new Crossroads Gallery, a space dedicated to housing ArtFields’ previous winners, is so aptly named — it signifies the very moment each artist came to their own personal crossroads, as well as showcases the piece of work that was able to help push them confidently down the road in which they were always meant to go.

There are several featured artists:

Michaela Pilar Brown, She’s Almost Ready (2018 Grand Prize), Columbia, SC

Charles Anderson, Central City (2015 Top Prize), New Orleans, LA

Alexi Torres, Spiritual Security – Safe in Prayer (2017 Top Prize), Atlanta, GA

Victoria Hagner, Mr. Brooks (2018 People’s Choice 3D), Sumter, SC

Colin Quashie, Plantation Tree of Life (2018 People’s Choice 2D), Charleston, SC

Patrica Sabree, Heritage (2017 People’s Choice 2D), Charlotte, NC

Jim Arendt, Jamie (2013 Top Prize), Myrtle Beach, SC

Noah James Saunders, Luminous (2019 People’s Choice 3D), Athens, GA

Forrest Lawson, 6/12/16 (2019 Grand Prize), Athens, GA; Winter Park, FL

Charles Clary, Memento Morididdle (2019 People’s Choice 2D), Myrtle Beach, SC

Leanna Knapp, Shell (2012 Juried Prize), Port St. Joe, Fl

Mike and Patz Fowle, Consume (2015 People’s Choice 3D), Hartsville, SC