Artist FAQs

When are artist submissions accepted?

September 14, 2015 through November 13, 2015

When is the artist submission deadline?

November 13, 2015 at 11:59 PM

What are the rules and guidelines?

Please refer to the official ArtFields® 2016 Rules

What kind of artwork can be submitted?

Artist may submit one 2-D or 3-D piece (for example, painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, mixed media, digital media, and installation art.)

                  *Site-Specific and Installations that have been accepted must be delivered, installed and removed by the artist upon appointment with ArtFields® Art Team

                 *Digital media that requires projection or monitor to display must be provided by the artist for installation and for use during ArtFields®.

What defines a 2-D submission?

All 2-D works have the dimensions of height and width only.  Examples: paintings, photography, and digital media presented in a frame and/or on canvas/wood panel.

What defines a 3-D submission?

All 3-D works are solid rather than flat and can be defined as having three dimensions: height, width, and depth. Examples: sculpture, assemblage, and installation art.

Can a work in progress be submitted?

Concepts or works-in-progress may be submitted, as long as artists can clearly articulate their finished work through sketches and artist statements.  Entries that do not conform to their submitted digital image or submitted concept may be rejected, in the sole and exclusive discretion of ArtFields®.

How will art be chosen for the competition?

An independent panel of visual arts professionals will review artists’ submissions. The top-rated 400 artists will be accepted and invited to exhibit and compete.

Who is on the review panel for submissions?

The review panel is made of up visual arts professionals who have a diverse background in traditional, contemporary and conceptual artwork.

When will the artist know if he/she is selected for competition in ArtFields® 2016?

Artist will be notified of acceptance by January 4, 2016 through the e-mail account* provided in Slideroom and will receive venue invitation by January 22, 2016. *Slideroom e-mail account, email address, contact phone number, and current mailing address must be kept up-to-date.

Does the artist choose the venue?

No, the artist, once accepted, will be invited by an official ArtFields® Venue to exhibit his/her work during the ten-day art competition and festival.

Does the artwork have to be for sale?

No.* Art work that is not for sale will be listed as NFS (not for sale) on your entry’s label, the field guide, and in the competition artwork gallery on

*In the event your entry is the Top Prize or the Juried Panel Prize, the artist agrees that the winning work and reproduction rights will be the sole property of Lake City Partnership Council and ArtFields®.

Is the artist responsible for insuring the entry?

Yes. Neither Lake City Partnership Council (the sponsor of ArtFields®) nor the venue will assume responsibility for insuring the entry. The artist is responsible for insuring the entry for transporting to and from the venue and for the duration the entry is in the venue location.

Do I have to be present in Lake City, SC during ArtFields®?

No; however, installation artists will be required to travel to Lake City, SC for installation and removal of artwork.

Who will install my artwork?

A team of trained art handlers will be installing the entries at each official Venue.  Placement of artwork within the Venue will be at the sole discretion of the ArtFields® Art Team.  Site-Specific and Installations that have been accepted must be delivered, installed and removed by the artist upon appointment with ArtFields® Art Team.

Is the artist responsible for shipment costs to and from the venue?

Yes. The artist will be responsible for the shipment of and the cost of the shipment of the entry to the venue.  In addition, the artist must include a pre-paid return-shipping label for the venue to return the work at the conclusion of ArtFields®

What is the preferred method of shipping?  

Artists may choose their own method of shipping. However, UPS and the United States Postal Service are the two methods most convenient and expedient for the Lake City, SC, area.

How does artist and venue hosting work?

Once accepted, the artist will be invited by an official ArtFields® Venue with an ArtFields® Artist and Venue Hosting Agreement detailing all terms and requirements. The accepted Artist will receive the invitation through email address provided in Slideroom.

May I present an Artist Talk? (Optional)

Yes. ArtFields® will provide a forum for competition artist to present an Artist Talk.  A projector and screen will be provided.  It is the artist responsibility to contact ArtFields® Art Team to set a presentation time.

How are entries promoted for People’s Choice Prize 2-D and 3-D?

The artist is responsible for providing the promotional material desired for display during ArtFields® (e.g. business cards, brochures).

The Venue is responsible for displaying the promotional material.

What are the media guidelines?

Slideroom can accept the following file formats:

Video submissions must include a still image with the video.

What size should images be?

Artist needs to submit high-resolution images (up to 300dpi/1MB).

What size should videos be?

Slideroom accepts videos that are up to 60 MB in size. So long as the files meet the size requirement our processors will prepare them for the Slideroom software.

Will images of my artwork or artist statement be used in a catalogue and/or website?

Yes.  Images of accepted artwork, artwork information including dimensions and price, artist statements, and artist biographies, submitted through Slideroom will be used for online and catalogue publication.

ArtFields® reserves the right to reproduce images in a competition catalogue and for promotion of the event in the media.

For artist inquiries, please contact the ArtFields® Art Team at or by phone 843-374-0180.