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Public Art

Public Art in Lake City

The public art program was initiated in conjunction with the ArtFields event to enhance community spaces during the revitalization of Lake City. The projects are meant to add unique accents in unexpected places and showcase the artistic talent of the Southeast. Each year, new artwork is commissioned to further our public art collection. You can download the online version of our public art map here or stop by any of our galleries to grab your map before checking out the town!

The Good of the Hive

Matthew Willey
101 E Thomas Street

Artist Matthew Willey’s projects bring awareness to the dwindling population of honey bees and their importance as pollinators. Over the course of the last five years, Matt has created 27 murals with over 5400 hand-painted bees. He has reached hundreds of thousands of people and created large-scale works at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington DC, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in NYC and Burt’s Bees Global Headquarters. He has collaborated with the World Council of Peoples for the United Nations (WCPUN) and NYC Parks’ Art in the Parks Public Art Program. He has painted in a Tony Winning Broadway star’s dressing room in NYC, at a fire station in the American south, at schools across the country, and at a farm in the Midwest United States.

Upward and Onward

Mike Fowle and Patz Fowle
235 E Main Street

This piece honors Ronald E. McNair: astronaut, physicist, and native of Lake City. He was 1 of 7 crew members that took part in the Challenger mission in 1986. Husband and wife duo Mike Fowle and Patz Fowle were commissioned for this piece in 2018. Mike Fowle is a self-taught, contemporary sculptor working in multiple media. He is an approved artist for the South Carolina Arts Commission and maintains a working studio where he creates art for public and private collections. Patz Fowle is a professional 2D and 3D visual artist and innovative teaching artist. Examples of her award-winning art and original techniques are chronicled in numerous art publications and featured on a short documentary on a SCETV series on PBS. They have had numerous collaborations in ArtFields and were the 2015 People’s Choice 3D Award Winners.


Donald Walker
116 N Church Street

This mural reflects the revitalization of downtown Lake City with its images of colorful butterflies moving through their transformative life cycle. It includes 30 hidden images! Donald Walker is an artist from Alabama who does indoor and outdoor murals. His work also includes portraits, book illustrations, creative designs for businesses, t-shirts, and logos.

Infinite Flowers

Lance Turner
127 Sauls Street

Inspired by nautical florals and the wonder that nature instills in us, artist Lance Turner created a beautiful mural featuring plants native to this area. Turner is a muralist from Tennessee whose style includes systematically rearranged grid paintings, process-based photorealist portraits, interactive environments, and murals. He has shown in more than 100 galleries through the United States and received his education from Savannah College of Art & Design and Memphis College of Art.


Lance Turner
121 Sauls Street

This mural spruced up an old storefront with a eye-benidng image. It was created with the assistance of visiting high school students during ArtFields 2018. Lance Turner is a muralist from Tennessee whose style includes systematically rearranged grid paintings, process-based photorealist portraits, interactive environments, and murals. He has shown in more than 100 galleries through the United States and received his education from Savannah College of Art & Design and Memphis College of Art

Wrapped Up

Hand in Hand Creative
111 Sauls Street

The artists created this image as an ode to Lake City’s agricultural roots. Its Sauls Street location is idea—right across from downtown Lake City’s iconic fruit stand. Andrew and Sarah Wilson are husband and wife collaborative artists who are inspired to create work that speaks of and to communities. In 2017, they decided to bring their modes of expression (painting + writing) together to create art for all, not just for some, and entered the world of murals. Andrew and Sarah believe in art that is inclusive, accessible, and thought-provoking. That is what they’ve set out to create in the public art realm. Hand in Hand Creative seeks to uncover the heart of the community they are creating for, in order to tell a meaningful story and to truly give back to the people who make the place.

From This Moment Forward

Herman A. Keith Jr.
100 W Main Street

The mural image was inspired by the Gee’s Bend Quilters and created with the assistance from Florence School District 3 students through the SC Rural Arts Project. Artist Herman A. Keith Jr. was born in Greenwood, South Carolina and received art education from Howard University and Landers University. He’s been a numerous year exhibitor in ArtFields and is passionate about sharing the power of art throughout South Carolina and beyond.

ArtFields Community Mural

Jessica Diaz, Morgan Funkhouser, Olivia Cramer, Sam Ogden
123 S Acline Street

The artists worked with countless community members to create this mural for the inaugural ArtFields in 2013. Its imagery captures Lake City’s prominent railroad presence and the vibrance that ArtFields brings to the town.


Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn
127 E Main Street

This artistic duo from Baltimore paints murals across the globe inspired by bright, geometric shapes. The strive to transform public spaces into vibrant experiences. Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn have been collaborating on large-scale murals, fine art and sculpture since 2012. Their mission grows from a simple desire to bring playfulness to public spaces and enhance people's lives through art. They believe that the aesthetics of ones environments can influence their emotions and state of mind. With a passion for people and design, Unterhalter and Truhn bring life to unsung spaces through abstract painting and sculpture. Their work explores themes of movement and symmetry, inspired by bold color combinations, patterns in nature, woven textiles and formalism. With consideration for the architectural surfaces of each environment, their dynamic paintings often curve around corners and spill onto the ground.

Temple of Change

Dorne Pentes
Railroad Park, 250 S Church Street

Imagine a place of refuge. Imagine a place of beauty and stillness. Imagine a place where you can quietly reflect on the last year and honor friends and family. Imagine The Temple of Change.

Garden of Growth

Julie Hamer
Village Green

These flowers, created during opening weekend of artfields 2022, represent the community. Each flower is ceramic and permanent, they will not fade or wither overtime, emphasizing the concept that they stand as a strong and lasting reminder of how beautiful and grand the ArtFields community has become over the years.

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