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ArtFields Jr

April 19 – 29, 2023


How Art Can Transform The Lives Of Children

The moment a child moves her crayon across a sheet of paper or dances to her favorite song something powerful and magical begins in her mind, heart, and soul — like a seed taking root. That something is art — and we believe it exists to transform children’s lives. Designed for students from 5K through 12th, ArtFIelds Jr. offers an array of year-round art programs, field trips, and a statewide youth art competition that provide creative fine arts outlets for underserved children and teens in the Lake City and surrounding areas.

The Chance to Engage in and Be Nurtured by Art

ArtFields Jr. gives children from Lake City and the surrounding areas the chance to engage in and be nurtured by art — by color and form and by things made by hand, by artists and teachers and art lovers. Through our programs, kids do things they’ve often never done before, like see live artistic performances and art exhibitions, spend time talking with real artists, and learn and deepen their skills with a variety of artists representing a multitude of art disciplines.

Research shows that art boosts children’s achievement in everything from language, math, problem-solving, and inventiveness to conflict resolution, expression, and empathy, but perhaps art’s true gift is its ability to transport kids to a safe, welcoming world where they can explore their passions, release confining feelings and ideas, and discover a sense of joy and belonging that inspires everything they do — forever. That’s how we change the world — one young artists at a time.

That's how we change the world — one young artist at a time.

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See the work of young, local artists.

Check out the great artwork that our South Carolina student artists have created throughout the years of ArtFields.

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Art Programs for kids of all ages.

From handson experiences led by local art professionals to educational art tours, our programs inspire the creativity in kids of all ages.

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