Ready to Frame?

Framing can be a daunting task, so here are some tips to make your entry shine:

  1. Your artwork is the centerpiece and should not be overwhelmed by the matting or the frame. Choose a frame that matches the color of your wall to have it disappear or select a color that matches the brightest or darkest tone in your artwork.
  2. The purpose of matting is to create airflow between your artwork and the glass so the two do not stick together. When choosing your mat color stay away from “foreign” colors, or colors that are not in your artwork. Also, you can use an acid-free/archival mat board to prevent yellowing over time.
  3. Museum glass is all the rage and a gift from the heavens for curators because it is anti-glare, scratch resistant and protects your piece from harmful light rays.

Also, take a trip to your local frame shop – you never know, they may offer a discount to local artists! Happy framing!