2024 ArtFields Festival Portrait Contest Applications Open

Applications for the 2024 ArtFields Festival Portrait Contest are officially open through April 5th, 2024.  Artists will compete for Best in Show and over $3,000 in cash prizes while painting live portraits. To apply, you’ll need basic contact information and a portfolio of work. Click here to apply via ArtBooth through April 5th.

Prizes will be: $2,000 for 1st place, $1,000 for 2nd place, and $500 for 3rd place.

The ArtFields 2024 Portrait Contest is Saturday, April 27th, 2024 from 11AM – 3PM at The Bean Market. Artists will compete to advance during 3, one-hour long rounds and have the opportunity to sell the portraits they complete. The theme for models will be announced soon!

For questions, call Kyle C. Coleman at 843-374-0180.

Click here to apply!