How to Submit for ArtFields 2024

Around 400 artworks are on display all around downtown Lake City, including this piece from ArtFields 2023 by Cynthia Wagner “Walking on Eggshells: Finding A Way Home”


Are you ready to submit to be part of the South’s most engaging art competition? Being part of the town-wide celebration of art and community is truly special and we’re honored that you’re considering submitting your artwork!


Submit your artwork for ArtFields 2024 in 6 simple steps!

1. Read the complete ArtFields 2024 Artists’ Rules. If you have questions, these rules probably have the answer so click HERE to view the PDF.


2. Create an account for ArtBooth, our online submission platform. If you’ve submitted in the past, you can log into your previously created account. Forgot your password? No problem, just follow the steps to reset it.


3. Select ArtFields 2024 as the competition you’d like to join and fill out profile information including published name, contact information, and artist biography. If accepted, this information will accompany your entry online and on the ArtFields guide in the Bloomberg Connects app, so make sure it is all ready to publish!


4. After you’ve completed the profile, you can complete your artwork entry with size, weight, and display information, artist statement, and photos/videos of the work. We recommend that you complete your artist statement in another program and copy it into ArtBooth so you always have a saved copy of the statement.


5. Once all fields are completed, you’ll get a final view at a label information so you can proofread before submitting the $25 submission fee. Please take an extra minute to review the information as this is what will be presented in person with accepted entries.


6. Check your inbox for a confirmation email and share the attached “I Submitted” Seal online to proudly show you’ve submitted for ArtFields 2024. Use the #ArtFields2024 and explore on social media for other artists who have submitted!