Southern Curators Summit

A visitor explores artwork by Amy Gross on display in The ROB for the Southern Voices/Global Visions exhibition. 


About the Summit:

South Arts, in partnership with ArtFields, presents the Southern Curators Summit in Lake City, SC. The Summit is the first of its kind to be organized by South Arts to bring Southern curators working in visual culture together to begin high-level discussions about the current state of the arts in the South and to begin to craft a new vision for the arts and culture in this region. Summit Sessions focus topics will include confronting identity, preserving culture, technological impacts, and programming in academia.

Summit Goals:

To initiate conversations among curators working in the South, across all types of institutions, and individuals working independently who present visual culture.
To explore and promote connectivity between and amongst curators who support contemporary southern artists and culture in all its iterations.
To strengthen the South’s position as a great place to live and as a cultural hub that rivals other regions in the country. Forbes’ 2022 list of 25 best places to live and retire in the United States includes 11 southern cities!
Why Lake City, South Carolina?

The Summit takes place in Lake City, South Carolina, the home of ArtFields. Lake City is a charming, small Southern town that, in the last 11 years, has used the arts to drive economic development. ArtFields, the nine-day art competition and celebration, brings thousands of visitors throughout the country to Lake City each spring. Art is displayed in businesses and exhibited in over 32,000 square feet of gallery, warehouse, and non-traditional spaces in the town. It is a must-see event!

Lake City is currently hosting Southern Voices/Global Visions, an exhibition of works by 42 contemporary artists who have received awards through either the South Arts Southern Prize and State Fellows for Visual Arts or from the ArtFields competition. The exhibition challenges preconceived notions and showcases the richness, complexity, and global relevance of Southern art.


For the full schedule, visit the South Arts website by clicking HERE! For more information or to register, email [email protected].


Southern Voices/Global Visions is on display in 4 locations around Lake City, SC through December 3rd. Read more about the exhibition and plan your visit by clicking HERE.