ArtFields 2023 Submission FAQ’s

Just as our volunteers are here to help during the event, we are here to help during the submission process!

Submissions for ArtFields 2023 are in full swing and we’ve compiled some our most frequently asked questions below to help you as you work on submitting your artwork. We also have an upcoming Zoom information session on Tuesday, October 11th at 6PM that you may register for by clicking HERE.


Help! I’m having trouble on the ArtBooth platform. What should I do?

  • If you cannot remember your password, request to reset it.  If you haven’t received the reset email yet, check your junk/spam folder.
  • If you encountered an error message on the phone number field, use ten digits with no spaces or punctuation. Ex. 8433740180.
  • If your photos won’t upload, check the size of your images. Each image must be less than 5MB in .jpg or .png formats.
  • If your payment won’t go through, check your billing address to ensure complete accuracy. Our online transaction system compares information you enter with what is on file with your bank. If you believe you’ve encountered it in error, we recommend that you call your bank or credit card provider.
  • Please give us a call at 843-374-0180 or email [email protected] if you need additional help.

How many artworks can I submit?

  • Artists may submit one artwork for the competition. This artwork may have multiple components, but all the components must create a cohesive whole. The ability to upload up to 5 images is primarily show different aspects of a single artwork rather than 5 separate artworks. Artists may not submit a portfolio of works and will be disqualified if they do so.

Where will artwork be displayed?

  • During ArtFields 2023, artwork will be displayed everywhere from renovated warehouses to boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, and barber shops. Our goal is to create a town-wide nontraditional gallery and display art in a unique, accessible way. The venue owners who graciously allow us to display art in their spaces actually get to select their own artwork! Installation requests in regards to proper presentation should be submitted, but requests for a specific business will not be granted.

Why is there a submission fee?

  • This fee helps cover the expenses incurred to make ArtFields happen.

What are all the prizes offered for ArtFields 2023?

  • We have a variety of prizes awarded during the event. A jury panel of art professionals select the Grand Prize of $50,000, Second Place of $25,000, and five $2,000 Merit Awards. Visitors to ArtFields vote on their favorite pieces to determine the People’s Choice 2D and 3D Awards of $12,500 each. Additionally, our Southeastern Partner Awards offer exhibitions, residencies, and more to competition artists.

Do I have to pay to ship and insure my artwork?

  • Shipping or drop-off costs are the responsibility of each artist. If insurance is desired, the artist is also responsible for this expense.

I have a site specific installation. How do I submit photos that support that?

  • If the installation has existed in a different iteration, those photos may be submitted along with any sketches/mock-ups that show how it will be displayed at ArtFields.

How is artwork selected?

  • After submissions close, an independent panel of five art professionals rate each artwork from 1-10. The top rated artworks are invited to participate in person in Lake City.

My work is worth more than the purchase prize amounts. Should I still submit?

  • This decision is entirely up to each artist. We recognize that due to the purchase prize nature of our top four awards, there may be some artists who are hesitant to submit because they have priced their work higher than our prize amounts. However, we certainly hope this won’t prevent you from participating in ArtFields and invite you to consider submitting a different piece or coming to the event to support other artists.

What if I have have two residences?

  • Artists who have had a listed permanent address for at least six months in one of the 12 participating states (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia) and have a valid ID for that state are welcome to apply.

Can I submit my artwork to multiple competitions?

  • Absolutely! We encourage artists to submit to anything that can help further their careers and elevate the profile of Southeastern artists. However, if accepted into ArtFields 2023, your work must be available from April 1st to 30th for exhibition in Lake City, SC. If your artwork is selected as one of the top 4 winners and becomes property of ArtFields, you would have to withdraw from any further competitions with that specific artwork.

Can I substitute artwork if I’m accepted but that artwork sells before the event?

  • First, congratulations! We love to hear that artists have sold their work. Unfortunately, acceptance to ArtFields is based on the specific artwork that was submitted so no substitutions may occur.

Will there be an extension to the deadline?

  • There will not be an extension to the deadline. Artists MUST submit by 11:59PM on November 1st, 2022.

I’m having technical difficulties and the deadline is tonight. What should I do?

  • Email us so we have a time stamp of your attempt to submit and the description of your specific issue. We encourage you to log in and submit well before the deadline to avoid extra stress.

I don’t have a piece to submit to ArtFields this year, but I would like to participate. Are there other opportunities to be part of the event?

  • Of course! We will be accepting applications to participate in our Makers Market and Portrait Contest in early 2023. We invite all artists to attend the event to enjoy a celebration of art and community whether their artwork is competing or not.

What are the event dates this year?

  • ArtFields 2023 is April 19 – 29. We are having special dates celebrating 11 days for our 11th year!

I have another question. How can I get in contact?

  • If you have other questions, please email us at [email protected] or call 843-374-0180.