Crossroads Gallery Reopens

We are proud to announce the first change in exhibition layout for Crossroads Gallery!  After opening in December of 2019 as a permanent location to feature previous ArtFields winners, we were faced with our annual event cancellation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, we have been eagerly awaiting another rotation of winners and the opportunity to share the stories that accompany each of the winning artworks. The current selection includes the inaugural winner of ArtFields from 2013, the 2021 Grand Prize Winner, and many artists and artworks in-between.  We welcome you to visit Crossroads Gallery to discover, reconnect, and celebrate a unique exhibition of Southeastern art and artists. The gallery is open each week Tuesday-Saturday from 11AM-5PM and admission is free. Winners can also be found to view digitally by clicking here.

Featured artists and artworks:

  • Patz Fowle and Mike Fowle, Consume (2015 People’s Choice 3D), Hartsville, SC


  • Brittany Watkins, <Accept [(Self) + Elsewhere] (2017 Juried Prize), Columbia, SC


  • Patrica Sabree, Heritage (2017 People’s Choice 2D), Charlotte, NC


  • Bretta Staley, Third Heaven (2015 Juried Prize), Orangeburg, SC


  • Charles Eady, Anna (2021 Grand Prize), Ocala, FL


  • Victoria Hagner, Mr. Brooks (2018 People’s Choice 3D), Sumter, SC


  • Nik Botkin, Silver Vixen (2021 People’s Choice 2D), Nitro, WV


  • Coulter Fussell, Flamestitch (2021 Second Place), Water Valley, MS


  • Charles Anderson, Central City (2015 Top Prize), New Orleans, LA


  • Jim Arendt, Jamie (2013 Top Prize), Myrtle Beach, SC


  • Colin Quashie, Plantation Tree of Life (2018 People’s Choice 2D), Charleston, SC


  • Haley Ard Tremblay, Made-Up (2017 People’s Choice 3D), Pamplico, SC


  • Forrest Lawson, 6/12/16 (2019 Grand Prize), Athens, GA; Winter Park, FL


History of the Gallery

Late in 2019, before the world changed, we opened the Crossroads Gallery as the third year-round gallery space in Lake City, SC, to feature a selection of the winning artwork from previous years of the ArtFields competition and exhibition. The ArtFields event takes place each April and showcases art from Southeastern artists displayed in nontraditional venues such as boutiques, restaurants, barber shops, and more. A jury panel awards Grand Prize and Second Place, while visitor’s votes determine People’s Choice 2D and 3D. We are honored to add these four pieces to our ever-growing permanent collection.

There is much to the name, “Crossroads.”  The gallery was named with respect to the individual artist’s arrival at their personal intersection where a decision must be made: between continuing to pursue their passions and craft or moving on to something else.  The Crossroads Gallery is also a physical representation of the intersection between those artists and Lake City.  Their work arrived here, was exhibited, awarded, and became a welcome resident during our celebration of Southeastern art and artists.  For the artists themselves, we are confident that their intersection with ArtFields helped to guide them down the roads in which they were always meant to go, with renewed confidence and pride.

For more information on the ArtFields Collective and our programs, please email [email protected] or call 843-374-0180.