Thank You from the ArtFields Team

It has been one month and one week since the Finale of ArtFields 2021.


As excited as we were to host a successful, in-person event, I think that the ArtFields Team needed some time to catch our breath and reflect on the experience.


We can collectively agree that 2020 was a challenge on every conceivable level.  The cancellation of an in-person ArtFields last year was unfortunately another loss during a season of many.  If you know our story, you know that ArtFields and Lake City, South Carolina are deliberately intertwined.  It is impossible to have one without the other.  As much as ArtFields is a celebration for the Southeastern region, Lake City needed ArtFields this year, perhaps more than any other.


At our Artist’s Toast, I shared my favorite quote: “We believe art is a field that endures – through flourish and fallow.”


What ArtFields 2021 proved is that our unique celebration, a collaboration between visual artists, patrons, visitors, arts professionals, business venues, and a rural South Carolinian community, has truly endured the challenges that we’ve faced.  What’s more, we have exceeded our own expectations as to how our returned event would be.


We have been met with enthusiasm, positive feedback, and joy.  And that is much more than we could have asked for.


With renewed energy, we are actively preparing for a celebration of ArtFields’ tenth anniversary from April 22-30, 2022.  Whereas the planning for ArtFields 2021 had several unknowns, the planning for ArtFields 2022 consists of anticipatory certainty.  And that certainty would not be in place without the active collaboration and support of the extended ArtFields Family.


To you, All of YOU, thank you for your contributions to our enduring field.


With sincere appreciation from Lake City,


Kyle C. Coleman, M.A.A.A.

Fine Arts Manager

Lake City ArtFields Collective