What is ArtFields, Anyway?

“Rum Runners” by Kory Russell and “Portrait of Lethy by her Apple Tree, 1987” by David Edwards on display during ArtFields 2021 in Sip Co. 


What is ArtFields, anyway? 

As we begin our open call to artists, you may be wondering, “What is ArtFields?” 

ArtFields was an event founded in 2013 and we’re celebrating our tenth year of awarding life-changing prizes, helping launch the careers of countless artists, and acting as the catalyst for Lake City’s transformation into a burgeoning arts mecca. 

We started with a simple mission—elevate the profile of Southeastern artists and drive an economic revitalization through the arts. As we surpass $1 million in prize money awarded over the past years of the event, reflect on the artwork that has made a home in our town, and celebrate the new businesses that have grown over the years, it’s clear that art is very powerful. 

There are a few aspects that set us apart from other art events you may be applying for. One of those is our incredible prizes: 

  •     Grand Prize-$50,000
  •     Second Place-$25,000
  •     People’s Choice 2D-$12,500
  •     People’s Choice 3D-$12,500
  •     5 Merit Awards-$2,000 each
  •     Awards through our Southeastern partners including exhibitions, residencies, and other positive partnerships. 

Another way we’re different is how we display the artwork that comes to Lake City. While some artwork is exhibited in our art galleries, most of the artwork is displayed within downtown businesses, which sign up to showcase artwork on their organization’s walls. This unique setup has allowed the whole town to be activated for the event, and for no one to feel any intimidation while viewing high-quality artwork. Going for a coffee, getting a haircut, or learning more about Ron McNair? No matter what activity, art will be on display and celebrated during ArtFields. 

Stay tuned as we continue to discuss what’s in store for ArtFields 2022. We hope you’ll submit your artwork to our competition and share our unique event with your artist community! Click HERE to read the rules and submit. 

If you have any questions, please call 843-374-0180 or email [email protected] The ArtFields team is always ready to answer your questions!